Energetic treatments and mindfulness in ‘t Kreekhuske

Energetic treatment.

By gentle, attentive laying on of hands, in combination with healing music, abdominal breathing and aromatherapy, I pass on energy. This energy offers deep relaxation. During the treatment you are on a massage table. You may keep your clothes on. It is desirable to wear loose clothing. It is  advisable not to wear jewelry or make-up. For the aromatherapy to come out well, I advise to wear no perfume or aftershave. 

Head massage

A head massage is aimed at releasing blockages in the muscles, lymph flows, blood circulation and breathing and thus also at the energy flow of the meridians (energy pathways) and the chakras (energy centers, running through the main nerve nodes of the spine).
By means of slow soft, contactful, attentive touch. Such as long strokes with the fingertips, rotating movements, light pressure, stretching and lifting.
The treatment takes place in the supine position on a massage table. Covered with blanket.
The invitation is, to go out of explaining and condemning your head, to what one feels in the body.


Energetic Chair Massage.
The treatment is given on a special, ergonomic chair. However, this can be deviated from. I then adjust the treatment.
The massage is given over the clothes.
With my hands and forearms I massage the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet and head in a soft, attentive, inviting way. I use light pressure, soft rotating, ironing and stretching movements.
• Awareness of one’s own body, perceiving what is going on there
• Invitation to release blockages in the muscles. As a result, currents such as lymph flow, circulatory system, breathing can freely go their way again.
• Massaging pressure points and giving soothing strokes to allow energy to flow through the body.
• Stimulating the immune system and self-healing ability.
• Liberation from stress in a natural way.

Warm Welcome

Anja van der Have.