Meet the family

Originally “ ‘t Kreekhuske” was a working class house build beside a kind of ditch (kreek). So Kreekhuske means more or less: small working class house beside a ditch. This ditch was in the early days the original course of the river muese. Now-a-days the ditch runs along the river, divided by a meadow. This place has become an area of nature. The river ends in a natural swimming pool with a sandy beach. This beach is in the neighbourhood of our B&B.

The owners of ‘t Kreekhuske are the van den Bogert family : Kees, Anja and their children: Dirkje and Laurens. They live next door.
Kees works as a geometrician and anja works at day care which is situated on a local farm and teacher mindfulness. Dirkje studies cultural anthropology at the University of Utrecht and Laurens is a high school student.
The whole family likes sports and outdoor life.
Around the house you will meet some chicken, two sheep and two cats.