Meet the family

Originally “ ‘t Kreekhuske” was a working class house build beside a kind of ditch (kreek). So Kreekhuske means more or less: small working class house beside a ditch. This ditch was in the early days the original course of the river muese. Now-a-days the ditch runs along the river, divided by a meadow. This place has become an area of nature. The river ends in a natural swimming pool with a sandy beach. This beach is in the neighbourhood of our holidaycottage.

The owners of ‘t Kreekhuske are Kees and Anja. They live next door.
Kees works as a geometrician. His hobbies are skating, cycling and mountain biking. Anja provides energetic treatments. She likes wandering and swimming in nature. she also likes to play the ukulele
Together they like cycling and outdoor life.
Around the house you will meet some chicken, two sheep and a cat.

When you have questions, we are available.